we make every player feel like a pro

This company was started by an absolute stick nerd by every definition. A guy who will go to NHL games and spend the entire time talking about how one player changed their tape job or how it looks like another guy might have switched his curve tonight. Here is what he has to say about his brain child, PRO:

"I never actually played at a high level because I was more concerned with equipment than actually playing well. I had been obsessively hunting for pro stocks since I was 11 years old. A few things I found over the years is I would often find sticks that were just slightly different from what I was looking for, like a really nice curve but it was 95 flex (and I use 77), or I find a stick from a famous player and grossly overpay for it but then I never actually use it because I don't want to risk breaking this one of a kind gem. As a righty I also had countless experiences where I debated trying to learn to shoot left so I could try certain player's curves. Sometimes I would fall in love with the perfect pro stock stick and then it would break and I could never find another one. All of these factored in to the creation of our company. Now we make it so that you can order your sticks as if you're a professional, you can order your favorite players exact stick in left or right hand and abuse it without feeling guilty, and most importantly once you find the perfect stick that you love you don't have to worry about not finding another one because PRO will be there for you. We don't discontinue curves (cough cough P14) and we don't plan on disappearing completely (cough cough Easton). Choose PRO because we will make you fall in love, only we won't break your heart."



When starting this company in 2019 we wanted to be able to recreate the feel of any top end stick from any of the big brands. We have developed four builds in order to cover most bases:

Red Line - Mid Kick: Made to feel comparable to any current top of the line mid kick stick including the Bauer Nexus Geo or 2N PRO or the CCM Tacks ASV, AS4 or AS3.

Red Line - Low Kick: Made to feel comparable to any current top of the line low kick stick including the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite, Flylite, 1X Lite or the CCM Ribcore Trigger 7, Trigger 6 etc.

Third Line: Made to feel comparable to 2015-17 era top of the line CCM sticks including the Ribcore Reckoner and Supertacks.

Model E: Made to feel comparable to the classic Easton feel dating back to the original Synergy & Stealth days but constructed with more modern materials and technology.

Traditional pro stock sticks feature unique curves, customized specs like textured grips, extended lengths and they're always comparable to the top of the line model sold in stores. Our sticks share all of those key features, but the only difference is you're not getting "leftover" sticks that teams don't want, instead we order our sticks in specs that players actually desire.

Why do any of us even buy pro stock sticks? Because they have cool specs, and they perform the same as top of the line sticks only at a significantly lower price. The sticks we sell feature these same three values as genuine "Pro Stock Sticks" which is why the name makes sense to us.


Yes! All of our sticks come with a 30 day warranty from the day they are delivered to you. For more information you can checkout our Warranty page.

For details on our return policy please see the Returns & Cancellations Page.


Flex is always measured at Standard Height for Senior sticks (66" from top to floor, standing straight against a wall). This means that for an 85 flex extended length stick, if you cut off the extra 3 inches the flex should feel the same as a standard height 85 flex stick.

General rule for calculating flex: Every inch you add to a stick will decrease the flex by 2.5 flex points. Removing an inch will increase the flex by the same amount. Here is a sample calculation:

Adding height: I'm buying an 85 flex extended height stick. Since the flex is measured at standard height (66") and the extended stick adds three inches (69") I have to decrease the flex by 3*2.5 = ~8 flex. Therefore my stick will feel like a 77 flex at full extended height.

Removing height: I'm buying an 85 flex standard height stick and I'm going to cut it down by 2 inches. Once I cut off the 2 inches, I have to add 5 points to my flex (2*2.5), meaning it will feel like a 90 flex at my new height.

Every player has a different preference which is why we made so many different curve options available! To help you narrow it down check out our Curve Recommendation Tool

The lie is actually part of the specific curve and cannot be changed but we do have multiple curve options for standard, high and low lies.

To help you find a suitable option with your preferred lie check out our Curve Recommendation Tool

Standard Senior: 66" measured from top to floor standing straight against a wall or 61" from the top of the stick to the heel (less accurate way of measuring).

Extended Senior: 69" measured from top to floor standing straight against a wall or 64" from the top of the stick to the heel (less accurate way of measuring).

Intermediate: 62" measured from top to floor standing straight against a wall or 57" from the top of the stick to the heel (less accurate way of measuring).

The most accurate way to measure height is with the stick standing straight up against a wall, and then measuring from the top of the stick straight down to the floor. Using this measurement, standard Bauer senior retail sticks from the store are 65" while CCM sticks are 66"

Note for extended height sticks: the flex is still measured at standard height so the sticks will feel more whippy than the listed flex number.

We always suggest customers to browse inventory first to check if we have your preferred curve and flex in stock. Inventory orders are ready to ship today which eliminates the wait time for a custom order.

Additionally inventory sticks are a great way to test out different curves, flexes or builds before placing your custom order!

The most likely reason is because you have combined a custom order with an inventory order. Inventory sticks are ready to ship today while custom orders are subject to current production times meaning the two sticks would ship at different times so shipping is being charged twice. It's much more efficient to order multiple of the same type of sticks (ex. 2 red line inventory sticks rather than 1 inventory and 1 custom) to take advantage of our free shipping!

Have you noticed replacement blades are going extinct? It's because the method to manufacture sticks has changed considerably. Not so long ago sticks were manufactured by baking a shaft and blade separately and then the two pieces were fused as part of the manufacturing process to create a "one piece stick" - however this is not a true one piece stick. With current technology all of the carbon fiber and other components are laid inside of one mould and then baked all together as one piece which creates a much higher performance stick. Since this process eliminates the stage of baking the shaft and blade separately it's no longer possible to simply stop the manufacturing process after the shaft and blade are finished and sell those components as unique products.


Right now the process of developing and perfecting a custom graphic for one individual or team is far too cumbersome for us to allow, however in the future once we're able to hire full time designers we might make this a possibility.

Yes! It's just ridiculously expensive for the average player and only really worth it for you if you want 12+ sticks (you can spread the cost out over a larger quantity of sticks). To inquire about developing a custom curve please get in touch with us through our contact form.


We update the customizer each month with the most realistic timelines based on years of data. You can see the current lead time in step 1 of the customizer (agreement box). There's multiple factors that impact timelines including:

Current backlog of orders: Highest backlog occurs between August and February.

Time of year: Obviously there will be fewer order during the off season resulting in faster delivery. Our factory holiday for the month of January normally results in the longest wait time throughout the year.

Best months to order customs (for fast delivery): May, June, Early July (before annual customizer sale)

Worst months to order customs (long wait times): Late July (during annual customizer sale), factory holiday season (Mid December through February).

Custom orders can be cancelled for a full refund within SEVEN days of the original purchase date. Any order cancellation requests that arise after SEVEN days will be subject to a raw material waste fee which is equal to 50% of the cost of each stick (excluding shipping). To request an order cancellation please reach out to sales@prostockhockeysticks.com with your order number. 

Yes! However 10 sticks is the maximum capacity the customizer can handle without crashing. To order more than 10 sticks you will need to combine multiple custom orders together. For example to order 11 sticks you can build an order of 6, add it to your cart, and return to the customizer to build another order of 5 sticks, add that to your cart and checkout with both orders at once. After you order all 11 sticks we will refund the different to make sure you get the bulk price of $145 USD per stick (excluding tax for Canadians).