We update the customizer each month with the most realistic timelines based on years of data. You can see the current lead time in step 1 of the customizer (agreement box). There's multiple factors that impact timelines including:

Current backlog of orders: Highest backlog occurs between August and February.

Time of year: Obviously there will be fewer order during the off season resulting in faster delivery. Our factory holiday for the month of January normally results in the longest wait time throughout the year.

Quickest months to order customs: May, June, Early July (before annual customizer sale)

Slowest months to order customs: Late July (during annual customizer sale), factory holiday season (Mid December through February).

To learn more about each custom option in detail please visit: Stick School

Yes! However 10 sticks is the maximum capacity the customizer can handle without crashing. To order more than 10 sticks you will need to combine multiple custom orders together. For example to order 11 sticks you can build an order of 6, add it to your cart, and return to the customizer to build another order of 5 sticks, add that to your cart and checkout with both orders at once. After you order all 11 sticks we will refund the different to make sure you get the bulk price of $145 USD per stick (excluding tax for Canadians).

Yes! All of our sticks come with a 30 day warranty from the day they are delivered to you. For more information you can checkout our Warranty page.